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Q1 How to fill a form?

Ans: There is a sample form in gallery you can see the application form and fill easily. If you still can’t fill the application form properly then you can email us. Our email address is

Q2 What does your business do?

ANS: We provide our customers wide range of features phones, smartphones and tablets in future. We launched our first feature phone very soon.

Q3 What is your timeline?


Q4 What is your origin of the company access?


Q5 What is your target Audience?

ANS: Our targeted Audience is whole Pakistan we want that every single person of Pakistan use our Brand’s mobile phone because we provide extremely high quality to our customers in affordable price that anyone can buy easily.

Q6 How many employees you want in your company?

ANS: We want a lot of employees in our company almost (10,000) ten thousand workers, helpers and employees for our company because we are starting a new plant in Karachi and we want talented, efficient and hardworking employees for our company.

Q7 What makes your company special?

ANS: We provide a 5-year warranty for our mobiles. In Pakistan, not any other mobile company does this thing and this makes us special.

Q8 What is the company and team culture?


Q9 Where do you see this company in the next few years?

ANS: we provide the best of the best quality in affordable price that anyone can buy easily, so if people buy mobile phone easily then our company reach its peak position very soon.

Q10 Who are your competitors?

ANS: Our competitors are those mobile companies who make people fool and sell them low quality mobile phones at a very high price.

Q11 Do you plan to make changes after launch?

ANS: Now we have no plan to change anything after launch.

Q12 Is this a new role that has been created?


Q13 Why you join our company?

ANS: Most people think that why we join our company, people join our company because we provide all the things that our staff want.

Q14 Why should people do jobs with you rather than your competitors?


Q15 How will I be trained?

ANS: In start, we will train our every single employ, because we want not any experienced employ we train our employees and give them experience for their better future.

Q16 What training programs are available to your employees?

ANS; We offer many training programs to our employees according to their education and job title.

Q17 What are the skills you are looking for an ideal candidate?

ANS; We are looking for a candidate who is able to perform in any conditions and handle any problem.

Q18 What are the next steps?

ANS: The first step is to download an application form and fill it properly and attach required documents and post the application through post office. Second step is testing for all candidates this test is very easy to pass but we check your mentality and third and last step is training after training your job is confirmed.